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Boston Marathon: Six degrees of separation

Posted Aug 24 2008 5:43pm

They ran the Boston Marathon Monday. The Holy Grail of Marathon running, if you will.

I haven't even come close to qualifying.

But I got the digits.

I found the bib numbers from some of the races I've run. (The other ones are lost). I added them, then divided the number by the number of bibs I have.

The number I came up with is my own Fantasy Boston Bib Number: 2731

Before Monday, I went to the Boston Marathon Web Site and found the last few finishers with this Bib number.

The Boston finisher with Bib No. 2731 over the last few years has finished in a time ranging from 3:14 to 4:17.

I may not be fast, but I've got fast karma.

I tracked the person who wore Bib No. 2731 on Monday:

It was a guy named David Bauer, a 31-year-old male from Salt Lake City, Utah. He finished in 3:06:16, a pace of 7:07.

I guess I've got a marathon cousin, so to speak.

By the way, if you see one of your bib numbers in my picture, drop me a line. I'll link to you, you link to me.

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