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Boston Here I Come

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:41pm
Thanks for letting me join the Mommies. After three years I finally can say I have run and finished a marathon. It's been a long road of foot problems, shin splints, stress fractures, doctors telling me to find something else to do. Saturday was sweet. I started the day at 4 am. I got up made a bowl of oatmeal and ate a banana. Got to the top of the mountain and met M&M, Suzie, and the rest of the group including my husband. Nervous jitters and lots of excitement. I started the race with M&M and Suzie we sat and talked for the first 5 or so miles. Thanks Suzie for the conversing it was great to get to know you more intimately. First 11 miles we averaged about 9 min. miles. I was feeling really good. Starting to get stiff in the calves. At this point Suzie and I picked up the pace for the next 9 miles we averaged 8.23 min. miles. At some point I looked at my garmin and realized that qualifiying for Boston was attainable. I told Suzie that it was possible I don't know what she said (it's all a blur) but she was right with me the whole way. By mile 25 it was getting hard because I knew we were almost there. Each city block was hard because I kept thinking around the next corner will be the end and it wasn't. I know I wouldn't have kept up the fast pace if Suzie hadn't been with me the whole way. She pushed me along. I don't know if you realize Suzie how much it meant and helped me you being there. Thank you. Finally we reached the last corner and I could see the blue balloons in the distance. The last .2 miles we were sprinting to the finish. Suzie you beat me congrats. My final time was 3:45:07 I did qualify for Boston. It was a great race I was amazed at the organization. They thought of everything, icy hot, vaseline, gu, water, gatorade, blankets for after the race. It was excellent. Everybody did a great job. I think our whole group was happy with their results. My husband did great he finished 4:06:03. I'm still on a high but that is great it helps get me through the very sore quads I'm sporting.
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