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Best 20-mile run ever

Posted Oct 14 2008 4:02am
The scheduled today called for 20 miles....

Didn't start off so good after taking a Raspberry gu...spent the first 7 or 8 miles trying not to get sick...but I got my stride late in the run....and finished strong.

Final time, which included stops for water: 20.25 miles in 2:53:25. That's an 8:33 pace. During the training for my previous two marathons, I never ran a 20-miler faster than 9:45.

On Saturday, I did the last 4 miles in 31:34 - a 7:53 pace
Mile 17 - 7:34;
Mile 18 - 7:44;
Mile 19 - 8:42 water stop
Mile 20 - 7:33

I took two Ecaps and the aforementioned gu about 20 minutes before the run....I took two more ecaps every hour and I took a better-tasting chocolate gu at Mile 11. At every water stop, I drank two cups.

Lessons learned? I probably don't need to take a gu before the'd probably be better if I got up a little earlier and ate a real meal..The ecaps worked great. I wasn't sweating so much that my shoes were squishy. ... Also, my pacing was perfect and running with the new group that included Chris, Tamara, Dave, Phyllis, Kimberly and our coach Christa gave me something to think about during the run other than how uncomfortable it was.

Now, I just want to make sure I don't peak too soon. I've already run an 18- and a 20-miler and my marathon is not until Dec. 14. Next weekend, I get to take it "easy" with a 12-miler scheduled for Saturday.

Now, I'm off to Austin. I miss my kiddo.

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