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Beach 2 Battleship half iron triathlon: times

Posted Nov 10 2009 10:00pm
I finished! There were some issues with the timing mats so the official splits were messed up, so I spent some time with my watch times to get estimates
SWIM 1.2 miles (PR! that doesn't really count*)
Watch time at water exit: 32:56* (1:33/100 yards)
Chip swim time (after showering and ~100 yard run): 34:25* (136/163)
*incredibly current-assisted

Watch t1: 10:11 (swim exit to bike exit)
Calc t1: 8:42 (estimated from timing mat to timing mat)

BIKE 56 miles
Chip bike + t1: 3:36:24 (122/160)
Calc bike: 3:28:42
Odometer average speed: 16.1 mph
Calc average speed: 16.1 mph

T2: Chip time 4:54 (114/157)

RUN 13.1 miles
Run: Chip time 3:17:54 (148/156)

Finish: 7:33:36
13/16 women 50-54 who finished swim, 13/15 finishers
142/163 women who finished swim

Aside: I think this was my 40th half marathon race run, but my count is a little fuzzy.
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