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Assessing Overhead Arm Elevation

Posted Jun 03 2013 6:00am

assessing overhead arm elevationOne of the many things I look at during my comprehensive assessment process is the movement quality of raising your arms overhead.  The information you gather on the person’s ability to perform such a basic task is often invaluable when designing someone’s rehab or training program.

I have a video below of a recent assessment I performed.  This is an interesting case and something I wanted to share.  However, I want to try something completely different for this week’s post, let’s try to make this interactive!  I am going to post a video below.  Use the comments section, either on this website or using the Facebook comments section below, to tell me what you see and what you think is going on in this video.

I’ll be upfront, there are no wrong answers, just what you see!  And there are a decent amount of things to see in this one video, so don’t be shy.

I will give you a little history.  Patient is a competitor high school swimmer with insidious onset of bilateral generalized shoulder discomfort and fatigue in the pool after prolonged swimming.  Mostly posterior in nature but not specific.  Exam obviously reveals generalized laxity you would expect with a swimmer, however no significant structural pathology detected.

YouTube Preview Image


Comment below and let me know what you see and what may be going on in the video – remember there are a lot of things to see, so don’t be shy – there are no wrong answers!  I fully expect people to see things that I missed.  I’ll give everyone a couple of days to join in and then on Wednesday I will post and update and discuss more about what I saw, so check back here later in the week as well.

Hopefully this interactive post experiment goes well.  If you like this type of post, please join in and let me know in your comment, and share this with your friends to get more discussion going!



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