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Anyone wanna run?

Posted by Marathon Mommies !. Patient Expert

I'm in Utah this week, and I know a lot of you Marathon Mommies live here. So, how about we meet for a run? I'm thinking early next week. But I have no idea where! This isn't my "home turf" and I don't know the best places to run. I'm thinking we should meet somewhere in the Salt Lake area, like a park with trails. It would be nice if it were somewhere not around traffic so we could focus on chatting and not getting hit by cars. Is there something like that around here? I sure would love to meet a lot of you in person. I know that you are the coolest people on the internet. But what a blast it would be to go for a run together in real life! How about Monday evening? Tuesday evening? Does anyone have any thoughts? Let's discuss...
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I expect your post is old and your visit to Utah is long past, so my post is for future persons who visit Utah. I live in the Salt Lake valley and do most of my running along the Jordan River Parkway that parallels the Jordan River. No traffic, a nice place to run. I've heard that the Parkway in SLC  isn't very safe, but in the south end of the valley where I run the Parkway is very safe. So, if you're ever in metro Salt Lake City again, head for the Parkway.

Liberty park and Sugarhouse parks are also popular places for runners. Do a bunch of loops.

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