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after using Resveratrol for two weeks (one pill a day) I started having daily nose bleeds

Posted by cycle

Please make sure that people are aware of the side effcets of the Resveratrol ultra ill effects.
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Thanks for sharing. What was your daily dose? Did you start with a lower dose ?

If you want you can report your side effects to

I'll make sure to notify them too. 

I just want to say that I've had a similar experience. After about 2 weeks taking 200mg/day single-dose Resveratrol I developed very severe nosebleeds.  This has happened to me twice, with about one year between the events.  (I doubted that the Resveratrol was the cause the first time, so I tried taking it again.  I now have no doubts.)

In my case the nosebleeds have been very severe, and I lost about 8 ounces of blood or more with each bleed. Very frightening... Probably some peculiar interaction with my metabolism, but should certainly appear someplace as a possible side-effect.



Similar experience.  I weigh 157lbs am in good health and have not had a nosebleed in decades.  I have been taking a resveratrol supplement, between 60 - 180 mg most days for about a week and have awoken two mornings to heavy nosebleeding.  Hard to make a certain determination as to the cause since the resveratrol supplement I have been taking is an herbal complex containing several other extracts (acai, milk thistle, grape seed, etc.) in significant amounts.

However, the effect is unpleasant enough that I will not be continuing the regime at anything near the recommended dosage of 240mg resveratrol per day and may stop altogether.


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