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Posted Dec 23 2008 9:15pm

Well, I've made it to yet another anniversary of my birth - 43 years ago today in Trenton, New Jersey. And I've been thinking a lot about how to do a birthday post. Should I be reflective and reminisce about my past? Should I go Academy Awards and thank all those responsible (which of course, is two - thanks Mom and Dad!)? Or should I pontificate and pass on all the wisdom I've obtained from 43 years in this world?
Or how about none of the above?

No, I've decided that the best thing to do is tell you a little more about me, so you all can get to know me a little better. And what better way to do that then through a meme! Fortunately, I've been tagged with two, so I can do one here, and one over at The Autism Experience!

The one I have chosen to do here is from Sea at the Book of Yum, who passed along a meme to post 7 weird things about myself. The one I have posted over on The Autism Experience was sent over by Carrie, the Ginger Lemon Girl, has started a new blog titled Heart of a Servant. She tagged me there tell five things about myself on a specific topic area of my choice. This oughta be fun!

But before we commence with the weirdness, here are some people I share a birthday with:

Norman Lear (Creator of All in the Family, among others)
Bill Engvall (I know I've deserved a lot of signs over the years!)
Paul Levesque (better known to WWE fans as Triple H)
Maya Rudolph (SNL)
Alex Rodriguez (yes, THE A-Rod)

and, of course, Bugs Bunny.
  1. I am not much of a reality TV fan. The only two shows that I have ever watched a season through to the end were The Amazing Race and The Apprentice, and that was one season of each. I have NEVER watched a single episode of Survivor.

  2. My musical tastes (have you checked out my profile?) are all over the map. I mainly listen to New Age, Celtic, and Bluegrass, but was raised on progressive rock and at any given moment could listen to the Moody Blues, Yes, or Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. I am also a fan of the 1712 Overture, by PDQ Bach, and anything Victor Borge has ever done.

  3. I am a sports nut. I love college football (Go Gamecocks!), NFL (Go Eagles!), and baseball (Go Phillies!). But lately I am really loving soccer and rugby. The only things I really don't enjoy are MMA and boxing.

  4. I love science fiction, although I don't read it very often these days. Was raised on Star Trek and Dr. Who, and even went to a couple of conventions many moons ago. Also was a big fan of Stargate SG-1.

  5. I am also a big fan of Britcoms. My faves are Are You Being Served (an absolute classic), Keeping Up Appearances (love Onslow), and The Vicar of Dibley (my favorite).

  6. I love to play Scrabble and just about any card game known to man. Oh, and I also love whacking Zingoz, keeping Goober's Lab from blowing up, and making sure the Googles keep flying (anyone who owns Webkinz will know what I mean).

  7. My favorite eclectic thing is the similarities between my family and the wife's. Valerie and I missed having the same birthday by about 1 hour (hers is tomorrow). We are both the youngest of three children, and our siblings birthdays all fall between July 20 and August 2. Oh, and our parent's Anniversaries are one day apart at the end of November.

Okay, so that wasn't so weird really, but at least you know me a little better. Now I am supposed to tag seven people. Hmm...

Okay. I tag:

Rachel at the Crispy Cook

Sally at Aprovechar

Cyndi at Matthew, the Cutest Boy on the Spectrum

Genevieve at Mother of Confusion

Daniela at Reaching for Michelin Stars

Lisa at The Stimming Spot

Karen at Gluten Free Sox Fan

It's 9:36 am. The first child has already been up almost 4 hours, we've had three "disagreements" amongst the kids, one massive poopy diaper, and we've already had the birthday cake.

Just another typical day in the Dzomba household.

One more thing before I forget. I try my best not to live life backward, but look ahead. I think 43 is going to be a wonderful age.

Thanks everyone, as always, for reading. I hope you all have a great day.

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