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101 Things You Wish You Knew Before Starting Medical School

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:43pm
Found a funny, yet accurate, list of the top 101 things you wish you knew before starting medical school.  I could apply almost all of it to PT/ATC school as well!  I will warn you that it may be a bit on the lewd side at times, somewhere between PG-13 and R.  Just wanted to warn some of you ahead of time! 
 Photo by Striatic

Some of my favorites:
  • 43. Any really bad procedures will be done by you. The residents don’t want to do them, and you’re the low man on the totem pole. This includes rectal examinations and digital disimpactions.
  • 47. Anatomy sucks. All of the bone names sound the same.
  • 55.  You’ll meet a lot of cool people, many new friends, and maybe your husband or wife.  (I did...)
  • 61.  At the beginning of first year, everyone will talk about how cool it’s going to be to help patients. At the end of third year, everybody will talk about how cool it’s going to be to make a lot of money.
  • 74.  Many of your friends will go onto great jobs and fantastic lifestyles. You’ll be faced with 4 more years of debt and then at least 3 years of residency before you’ll see any real earning potential.
  • 86.  Hospitals smell bad. 
Here are a few of my additions for PT/ATC school:
  • If you are not a "people person," this isn't the job for you.  Your patients will annoy you and it will seem like you either love or hate everyone on your schedule.  It's cyclical.
  • Don't plan on ever going to lunch or leaving work on time.  Someone will always be late and will cut into your personal time.  You'll never be late to the dentist again.
  • Get used to the fact that you will often need to work on patient notes at home on the couch while watching TV.  After awhile of doing this you'll be amazed at how poorly your documentation becomes
What would you add to our own list of 101 things you wish you knew before starting PT or ATC school?  Please comment on this post and share.


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