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wouldn’t you want a letter in tx?

I am a member of the TWLOHA Street Team. As part of my membership, I am required to complete “orders” that help promote the organization in...

ask me anything.

Just for “funsies,” because people have been posting it on Facebook, feel free to hit my formspring and ask me anything . It’s even anonymous,...

out of tx, out of ed.

NEDAW has come to an end and, as you can see, this is the first post of mine that mentions it since 2oo9. I didn’t do anything, nor did I attend...

busy february.

Frozen.Oranges had its birthday and then.. nothing. It’s been a ridiculously busy month. In short: a lot of work, a lot of gym, a lot of job...

F.O is 2!!

Happy birthday to me And thanks to everyone that’s helped keep her alive this long. <3

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Oct 17 2008 by Juliet J.
Hi Emmy :)