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hi, i'm emily. this is my first foray in personal blogging and i have to admit, i'm a little nervous and intimidated. my hope is to have a place dedicated to my thoughts, questions, and reflections as a 25-year-old with CF. so here goes...
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when patient info becomes gossip on the tennis court

i need your help. it was recently brought to my attention that a CF doctor revealed to a mutual family friend that he had seen me before. what's...

what you can't see

what you can't see behind this excited, young, vibrant smile as i run from school to work to school again is that my right knee is throbbing, my...

save lives by becoming an organ donor

people on the lung transplant list often talk about the difficulty of waiting. waiting for "the call," waiting to start living and breathing...

cfcareforward video posted

...and it's here. after many months of anticipation, the video for the "thriving graduate student" scholarship is finally posted! you can read...

wide eyes and an open heart

in the world of CF, it's easy to develop blinders to the pain and suffering that exist beyond. we can become almost crass, hardened by excessive...

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