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Quick update - more to follow

Readers - apologies for the recent dearth of posts. I took hiatus after PennMed/Wharton, and am currently working at McKinsey & Company, and...

HIV / AIDS Treatment Guidelines

As a med student in an urban area (and most likely anywhere) you are likely to treat at least one patient with HIV/AIDS. You may even have the...

Lumbar Puncture (LP) Results - Drawing Conclusions from the CSF

Dx RBCs* WBCs* Glucose (mg/dL) Protein (mg/dL) Opening Pressure (cm H20) Normal...

Neonatal fever - Initial Assessment

Definition = temperature > 38.0°C or 100.4°F All febrile infants up to age 56 days undergo a sepsis workup: CBC, blood...

Resources Beyond PubMed for Research

During my year at Wharton I have had the opportunity to work on various health care projects across multiple sectors, and have needed to look beyond...

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