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Metal Mouth

As you might recall, I got braces a couple of months ago because my tongue is too big for my mouth. Sad but true. All and all, it’s going...

Working Mom Guilt, Episode 1

I’ve been settling into my new job pretty well the past few weeks, and I thought I kind of had things under control: work, housework,...

Kids’ Fall Fashion from Lands’ End

Okay I have to get a couple of things out before I can move on here. A) OMG BFF have you SEEN the women’s fall clothes at Lands’ End? I went...

School Daze

I’ve made no secret around here about the fact that I love it when my kids are in school. We all just function more happily when we are...

In Which I Pretend to Be a Fun Mom

I am going to try to make a long story a short-ish story: so here goes. Ever since I went on a little blog trip to the Lake Erie Shores &...

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