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A man’s anxieties!

    Your partner’s emotions could probably be fluctuating just like your hormones when you tell them you are pregnant! They could be...

Feeling sexy?

Sex during pregnancy…..You know that it’s safe to have sex but you just don’t feel sexy! When you become pregnant your body will...

I am pregnant, should I still exercise?

Lots of us find out we are pregnant and think that it’s the green light to go ahead and eat what we like and give up all forms of exercise...

Morning sickness

  Are you pregnant and feeling sick?Don’t worry this is quite common. The degree of nausea you feel varies from person to person and if you...

Back to work

  The time has come for you to return to work.It may not be easy decision for you to make, you may be feeling a mixture of emotions...

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Lesty wrote on Emanuela ..'s Whiteboard. Aug 02 2009
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Aug 02 2009 by Lesty
I am going back to work for 2 days a week when my baby is 6 months old. He is 4 months old now and has never had formula before. Should I start to wean him off the breast and give him some feeds using formula to prepare him?

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