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A very late Shrove Tuesday...

This year on Shrove Tuesday I went out and bought a box of gluten free pancake mix, determined to make pancakes that afternoon. However, one thing...

LEDA nutrition

Just in case you haven't already heard about this company I thought I should let you know since their products are absolutely amazing! LEDA...

Gluten Free Wheat (not an oxymoron!)

according to Medical News Today there is currently huge amounts of money being spent on creating a type of wheat with reduced amounts of harmful...

Summer Salad

We have all be sweltering here for a week nowright in the middle of another heat wave. I love summer; I love the beach and the sunthe long...

Chia Seeds info

I have featured Chia seeds in a few of my recipes but i dont think I have stressed how truly amazing they really are. These are a list of...

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