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I am a writer living in southern California with my husband and three children. I am currently working on a book, a memoir of sorts, about raising a child with a severe disability. My work has been published in several magazines and journals, including Spirituality and Health and The Los Angeles... Full Bio
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Italian Relatives

Relatives, Mendocino, Italy July 1985 The Journey Anghiari is medieval, a sleeve sloping down   A steep hill, suddenly...

Steel Magnolia, Circa 1983

Back in the day, I was a little bitty thing and I had no idea about anything at all. My melancholy was rooted, I imagine, in books, in a...

Fox Socks and Leopard Pants and Tiger Mothers

Sophie is on another drink and food strike. She has no problem picking up a myriad of toys and putting them in her mouth, though, so I'm...

When the POTUS Made Me Rethink My Escape Plan to Fiji

So, I'm in the middle of reading this Japanese book about tidying up, and I'm in the middle of doing a smash-up job of purging my home of...

"Science is More Than Equations or Experiments"

Last night a friend sent me a link to a video of a man telling a story as part of The Moth presentation at the World Science Festival last May....
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