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Los Angeles, California
I am a writer living in southern California with my husband and three children. I am currently working on a book, a memoir of sorts, about raising a child with a severe disability. My work has been published in several magazines and journals, including Spirituality and Health and The Los Angeles... Full Bio
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Women Reading

Source unknown, via The Internets I'm finishing up Elizabeth Taylor's Angel and would say that it's a slow but beautifully...

How Not To Do It

Sophie won't stay still, and when it doesn't make me crazy, it makes me -- crazy. I don't know what to do about anything lately, and every...


With cousins in  Florida, sometime in the late 1960s The sense of being far away is not something to overcome but to...

Japanese Samurai Armor Exhibit for Homeschooling Field Trip

Oliver and I had a Friday field trip this week to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art where we visited an exhibit called Samurai:...

Just Say No

I have no other photos from last night -- the Shebooks reading in Eagle Rock -- than the one above which cracked me up, unless you want...
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