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Columbia, Maryland
I am a young-ish woman on a quest for health - physical, mental, spiritual, and intellectual. I know where my wellness strengths and weaknesses are and I am on a mission to broaden the positive and extinguish the negative. I believe that health is not just based on calories and crunches, but... Full Bio
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Royal side-eye. While it's sad that our culture can't even bring itself to be polite to the future sovereign leader of another country, I...

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"Whenever I get married, I start buying Gourmet magazine." -  Nora Ephron Photo by HilikusKoolAid

29 Things I Learned in London

1. London is really well marked. You'd pretty much have to try to get lost to get lost there. In the central London area, there are these awesome...

Food for thought

"Platonic love is being invited into the wine cellar for a sip of pop." -  Unknown Photo by BeyondLust


A safe trip to and from London. A bumpy ride there, a bumpy (and delayed) ride back, but all the flight attendants had cool accents and I...

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