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Ej Murray Memorial Skating Center

348 Tuckahoe Rd,
Yonkers, NY 10710
(914) 771-7465
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JUN J. Mar 23 2008 7:52am there are specailty tennis pro shops. try on the shoe you like, then check the online sites for...
velowoo Apr 16 2012 11:34pm Hi ajay, Thanks for your comment and sorry for such a delayed response!!!  Glad to hear my post...
Cliff S. Dec 03 2009 10:59pm Bottled water should be a last resort.  Tap water is almost always just as healthy, depending on...
dayna99 Aug 04 2009 3:27pm My partner suffered a major concussion last week hospital let him go home only to call stating I...
Cecil M. Jun 28 2010 6:05am I have had massages and I think a massage is excellent for reducing muscle tension and...
James P. Jun 17 2010 9:24am I guess most people think their bodies are gross and others as well but for me it's comfortable to...
Lela D. Sep 18 2007 4:26am When the neighbor boys are going on about the old school video games - Donkey Kong and PacMan - I...
Allen Dec 12 2008 5:10pm I mostly run for the enjoyment of it. I don't know why, but I just enjoy running. I was born with...
Amber T. Jul 27 2010 4:49am I heard from a friend that one of HIS friends implied roller blading wasn't cool anymore....
Shez B. Sep 29 2007 4:47am Try It Out. Racquetball is a great way to workout and meet people. It is kind of its own little...
raeann123 Jul 12 2009 12:29pm you can go to dicks or play it again sports. :)