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Durham, New Hampshire
I am Leah! I'm 20 years old and Massachusetts bred, but currently make my home in Durham, NH were I am studying nutrition and wellness at the University of New Hampshire. Contributing to my school's newspaper (The New Hampshire) as well as our own branch of the popular women's online magazine, Her... Full Bio
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Promoting Women’s Health Through Fitness

Breast Cancer isn’t fun, but Zumba  is! This week, I attended Her Campus UNH’s “ Steps to Awareness ” breast cancer event. The event was put on...

A Poem on Running

Music of Motion A yoga instructor once told me “you can quiet the negativity in your mind by listening to how your body feels”. So...

Should You Buy Organic?

In the world of nutrition, the debate over organic vs. non-organic rages on. Produce that used to be reserved only for the true ”health...

Hello, and welcome! As a s ...

Hello, and welcome! As a senior student at  The University of New Hampshire , I am currently studying  Nutrition & W ellness  with a minor in...

Perspective is Everything.

Perspective is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance” and by...

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