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A Viking, Running is the running journal of a late-30s father, computer geek, and amateur philosopher. It chronicles his struggles with time management, gravity, wind resistance, and his waist line.
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Waiting for Adam

My training lately has been geared toward rebuilding what I have lost over the winter. Yesterday, I ran four miles, and today I ran three. Both...

Anthem 5K Fitness Classic race report

Good lookin' statue behind that chubby dude About a mile into the race, I decided I wasn't going to do a race report....

Running culture

I've been on a sabbatical from running culture for several months now on account of my wife's pregnancy and the subsequent birth of my son....

Reflecting on Christmas 2010

Yesterday, I ran six miles with my YMCA training group. This fine bunch of people are training for the Triple Crown and/or Derby...
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