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Virginia Beach, Virginia
As an independent computer and technology consultant serving the Tidewater area of southeastern Virginia, my goal is to demystify and clarify any and all computer, networking, system performance, data exchange and user experience issues. I have been a computer support professional since 1995 and have successfully addressed all manner of technical issues and concerns. I am available for training engagements, onsite software assists, troubleshooting (including computer virus... Full Bio
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Dec 10 2010 by echotechcon

So if you have a laser printer that just does not print properly, or a computer that worked fine for the first three months of its life but now gives errors more than anything else, a technology consultant may be what you need.  An advocate on your side, one who talks the talk and knows when you should walk!

Dec 10 2010 by echotechcon

I have been online since the early days of the Internet when access was through dial-up modems at 14.4 Kbps and getting a busy signal was commonplace.  My wife says I am her Geek, but honestly I try to avoid getting caught-up in that stereotype whenever possible.

The new business I am running will be taking up all of my time in the remainer of 2010 and on into the new year!


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