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  Hi, I’m Amanda! Welcome to Eat, Spin, Live! I am a 22 year old girl... Full Bio
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Hi, I’m Amanda! Welcome to Eat, Spin, Live!

I am a 22 year old girl living in Texas with a passion for nutrition, healthy eating, staying active, and living life to the fullest! I just graduated from college with by Bachelors of Science in Psychology and am currently working towards my Masters in General Counseling! I love helping people in any way that I possibly can and my goal is to one day open up my own private practice and combine my love of living life to the fullest with helping people on a daily basis!

Although helping people means the world to me, I have another little hobby I really love as well-being healthy! I believe a healthy life involves many areas and the understanding that no one is perfect! I believe nutrition is the beginning of a healthy lifestyle! I believe that what we put in our bodies is essentially what we get out of them.

I am definitely a foodie at heart! I love the little restaurants that often go unnoticed but have the most memorable and amazing meals ever! I love cooking, baking, and writing about food. I truly enjoy sharing a good meal with loved ones. I also love giving other people food! My neighbors, friends, and family will probably all attest to this! I feel like giving the gift of a freshly baked loaf of bread, brownies, or even cookies is a great way to show people how much they mean to you! I do however, try to make everything as healthy as I possibly can! I may or may not make the bread I give out of whole wheat flour, fit as much fruit, oats, and applesauce as I possibly can into the cookies, and make my brownies out of black beans. But I feel as though giving the gift of healthy and delicious food is a great way to show people that you really care. Or you might just make people think you are crazy! I am pretty sure my poor sisters have thought this once or twice when I brought over certain “healthified” foods!

I try to focus on whole, organic, and unprocessed ingredients when I cook and in what I eat daily. Although it is often easier to stop at a fast food restaurant and buy microwavable dinners (especially in our busy world), I would much rather stroll down the grocery isle of veggies and fruits and work them into new recipes as much as I possibly can. I find it extremely satisfying to sit down to a meal and know exactly what went into it. I try to fill my body with as much “good” food as possible. I try to savor each and every bite of anything that I might be eating. I believe that it is 100% OKAY to eat dessert after every single meal if you want to (and trust me-I want to!) I just try to listen to my body as much as possible and eat everything in moderation.

I am addicted to both SPINNING and RUNNING! They are both by far my most favorite forms of exercise! In December of 2009 I took my first ever spin class! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It was really cold outside and I remembered wanting to try something new indoors. I am so glad I did because I have been in love ever since! I actually am a spin instructor at my local YMCA. I truly enjoy sharing my passion of spinning with others! I think my class members sometimes think I am a little strange when I have them dance to Madagascar’s “I Like to Move It” in class, but I am okay with that! I think fitness SHOULD be fun!

I started running when I was a freshman in high school and have been hooked ever since! I remember always dragging my poor sister Michelle along with me because I was always afraid someone was going to steal me! I recently tricked/convinced her to run a Marathon with me on May 1, 2011! We have been training really hard for a few weeks now and are both really excited about it! I have participated in several 5K races and absolutely love the feeling of completing a race! So far I absolutely love the process of training and the feeling of pushing myself farther than I thought I could go. I love how I feel both mentally and physically!

I have the most amazing family anyone could ever ask for! My mom and dad met when my dad worked in a sandwich shop in New York and have been married for 29 year now! My dad is retired from the military and he and my mom lived in Italy for several years before they had me! My dad is always encouraging, supportive, and I know he would do anything for me! My mom is extremely strong in her faith and is such an inspiration to me! My sisters are both incredibly gifted and the three of us are really close! I admire my parents and sisters with my entire heart and realize how blessed I am each and every day that I have them in my life! I hang out with them all of the time…probably too much for a 22 year old…but that is totally okay with me!

I also have a wonderful and supportive boyfriend who is always incredible encouraging! I met Casey when I was 19 and we were both lifeguarding over the summer! We were great friends all summer and were both actually seeing other people! Both of us ended up becoming single only a few weeks before the pool closed. I really think it was meant to happen! We both worked a pool party one evening and went to Starbucks afterwards and watched Michael Phelps swim in his Olympic event! We have seen each other almost every single day since! Casey is definitely the brains of the operation! He is super smart, caring, loves staying healthy and active too and always tries the crazy foods I make and eat each day…even if it involves a smoothie with 3 handfuls of spinach! That’s totally love if you ask me!

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog and I hope that it can be a positive place where we can talk about food, fitness, and life!