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I'm a Young Mother, Newbie Runner, and Conquorer or A Ten Year Eating Disorder! This is my Journey of Staying Healthy, Eating Great, and Living Happy! I'm losing weight the healthy way, training for my first marathon, and telling all kids of stories about my children that I'm sure in the... Full Bio
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Here’s the deal

Good morning.  Yesterday was a busy day with doctors, dance, running club, Braiden started basketball and then I worked late. So here’s the deal...

Apps and mochas

My daughter likes to download apps on my phone. So randomly I get a little racoon pop up on the top of my screen or a fish or something that says...


I don’t know about you guys but my weekend was pretty great. We took the kids apple picking Saturday and had a great family day where I stuffed...


Yesterday’s mood was a complete 180. Maybe because the sun was shining for the first time in two weeks. Maybe because I’m an unpredictable prego....

Happy day

Hi hello.  Sorry for my absence yesterday.  As you all know I’m a crazy over emotional girl even when I’m not pregnant.  Add in the hormones and...

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