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I am an expert on the psychology of eating, with 30 years experience in the field--a psychotherapist in private practice in Sarasota, FL, a national educator, and an international author of four books on eating and weight (THE RULES OF "NORMAL" EATING, THE FOOD AND FEELINGS WORKBOOK,... Full Bio
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Eating at the Homes of Others

I had an experience dining at the house of a friend that was echoed by an eating problem a client brought in to discuss. It’s a frequent...

Feeling Anxious versus Feeling Fine

Most of my clients over the decades have had high anxiety which has, in part, driven them to non-hunger eating. While I believe that there’s a...

Are You Hung Up on Resentment?

Are you someone who views the world as a hostile place and is full of resentments? If so, you might be setting yourself up for unnecessary...

How Mood Affects Eating

Although many of you undoubtedly engage in non-hunger eating when you’re in a positive (aka good) mood, it’s more likely that you act on your...

No Upside to Body Coparisons

Once again, I’m grateful to a client for bringing up an issue that too often plagues disregulated eaters: the compulsion to compare your body...

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