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Almond “bread” Crumbs by eatrunlivehappy I’m going to have to get used to working out again. I got in a great workout yesterday and was pooped by 7pm. (First pregnancy selfie and the gym. 24 weeks.) ... Read on »
The Imperfectly Perfect Tina Huang Interview by WeAreTheRealDeal Please tell us about yourself and what you do? I’m Tina, an LA actress and writer by way of New York City. I’m a first generation Taiwanese American. I love long walks on th ... Read on »
Clean Eating Peaches and Cream Oatmeal Muffins by eatrunlivehappy This weekend I got to spend a day celebrating the birth of this man… My dad turns 54 this week. Pizza and cupcakes are always a good idea. I wanted cho ... Read on »
Liebester by eatrunlivehappy   A couple days ago Tash nominated me for the Liebster award.  I’ve done this before but since taking a break from blogging and coming back I am honored to go it agai ... Read on »
The Shame in Advertising by drstaceyny .. Doctor of Philosophy By now, you've probably heard of Gap's Twitter fiasco, in which the clothing retailer landed itself in an uncommon, too-skinny debate after tweeting this photo last week: ... Read on »
Unpredictable by eatrunlivehappy My heart dropped yesterday when I heard the news about One of my favorite Actors of all time, Robin Williams. I’ve followed his story as he spoke out about his ... Read on »
That whole self worth thing by eatrunlivehappy Post inspired by a friend. Why, oh why, are most of us so terrible about realizing our self worth. I will be the first to admit that I don’t realize my full potential of ... Read on »
Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2014 “I’m a Model and I’m Not Popular” by WeAreTheRealDeal We met up with Megan Ducharm, Miss Kentucky Teen, for a #RealDeal interview. It pisses me off that I have to be famous or naked to get noticed. Famous is unrealistic and nak ... Read on »
Meet Actress, Dancer and Model Sam Aotaki by WeAreTheRealDeal Please tell us about yourself and what you do? Hi! i am Sam Aotaki, I am currently 20 years old and I’m an actress, model and dancer Can you tell us a bit about any upcoming ... Read on »
Braiden the photographer by eatrunlivehappy It’s been months since I got to see all the wonderful pictures on my camera because I lost my SD reader and when I went to the store, they were out. Seriously, doesn’t Wal-M ... Read on »