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Are Scare Tactics Causing More Harm Than Good? by WeAreTheRealDeal How to live in a processed world and make right choices. Do scare tactics work? I know the new documentary Fed Up declares that scare tactics have worked for decreasing toba ... Read on »
Four Secrets to Authentic Love by WeAreTheRealDeal As the saying goes, “Love is all around us.”   Make a commitment today to see and experience love at least once per hour.  Try it for a day.  Notice the love with which a co ... Read on »
Interview with voice actress, Maddy Peters: Standing up for others by WeAreTheRealDeal Please tell us about yourself and what you do? Hey, I’m Maddy. I’m a voice actress on TV shows like Martha Speaks and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and I’m also an ar ... Read on »
Women's History Month at Miami-Dade College by drstaceyny .. Doctor of Philosophy A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of speaking at Miami-Dade College for Women's History Month. A number of the students in attendance, as part of a class project, had c ... Read on »
Interview with Miss Vermont, Lucy Edwards: Being a role model to younger women by WeAreTheRealDeal Please tell us about yourself and what you do? I am the current Miss Vermont. I’m taking time off of school right now to serve the state, and promote the four points of the ... Read on »
What Does Emotional Health Look Like? by WeAreTheRealDeal I often get the impression that clients don’t really understand what it looks or feels like to be emotionally healthy. Of course, emotional health runs on a continuum; there ... Read on »