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Clean Eating Cheeseburger with Chipolte Mayo by eatrunlivehappy This burger was a real hit for this years National Cheeseburger day. I think what makes it so great (besides the sauce) is when you make the patties thin and crispy. I took ... Read on »
Clean Eating Chipotle Sweet Potatoes with Rosemary by eatrunlivehappy Well good morning and happy Friday.  Sorry for the late post but this morning was quite the morning.   First let me start by saying, if you are in the market for a new phone ... Read on »
Chimichurri Sauce by eatrunlivehappy Another morning up at 3:30am. I actually love working the morning shifts. People that workout in the mornings are either very happy or half asleep. I haven’t heard one compl ... Read on »
Randoms by eatrunlivehappy Why is it that morning darkness is more eerie than night time darkness? I headed to work at 3:38am this morning to work a quick morning shift at the gym before Josh left f ... Read on »
Clean Eating Sweet Potato Taco Skillet by eatrunlivehappy I should win mother of the year for cutting up a watermelon for my child.  Just the smell of it… yuck.  I’ve never been a fan and I probably never will be. Not my thing.   ... Read on »
Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookies by eatrunlivehappy I am loving this fall weather. It seems like over night we went from 90s to 60s. Probably because it was literally overnight. That’s Missouri for ya. Friday night the ki ... Read on »
Honey Nut Oatmeal Cereal by eatrunlivehappy Well happy Friday to ya. This week has flown by. This weekend is supposed to be the perfect temperature for a hike. The kids are going to their dad’s this weekend and Josh ... Read on »
Thinking Out Loud by eatrunlivehappy Oh Thursdays,  I love you.  Today is a Thinking Out Loud Day.  Link up brought to you by Running With Spoons . Yesterday was a rest day for me and today just so happens ... Read on »
Bad Research by drstaceyny .. Doctor of Philosophy In May, The New York Times posted an article about a research study that found that it's possible to lose 11 pounds in four days. I'm disappointed in The Times for featuring ... Read on »