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Results by eatrunlivehappy Everything went great with the ultrasound.  The baby is normal size and right on track for my due date. This is a huge load off my mind and I feel like slowly things are sta ... Read on »
Ultra and zoo by eatrunlivehappy Today is the ultrasound day! I’m excited to see my little man and be assured that everything is perfectly fine. If the baby is small I’m not sure if they will do the non str ... Read on »
SpongeBob video by eatrunlivehappy SpongeBob impression: I hope you guys can see this video! We played sponge bob yesterday.  It was absolutely hilarious.  I’ve been a painting and ... Read on »
Fat Girl Costumes by drstaceyny .. Doctor of Philosophy (photo via Jezebel) This week, Walmart landed itself in the latest controversy involving bodies and advertising. As Jezebel  fist reported, the megastore's onli ... Read on »
Eating disorder recovery: using inspirational guides by WeAreTheRealDeal Inspiring quotes and images can open your mind, invigorate your heart, refresh your soul and inspire your creative path.  You need all this to stay courageous and committed ... Read on »
I walked 5 miles. by eatrunlivehappy The schedule for the week is an ultrasound Wednesday and take things from there. I’m 34 weeks and the baby’s head is down. I feel him super low. Sometimes, I think he’s just ... Read on »
Body Image Myths and the Last Accepted Prejudice by WeAreTheRealDeal A lot of us spend a lot of time consuming media from all directions. Print, online, video, audio. We are bombarded with messages about how we are supposed to look. For women ... Read on »
Time to Eat by WeAreTheRealDeal Graciously re-posted courtesy of The clock hits noon—that means its lunchtime. My co-worker brought cookies to work—I might as w ... Read on »
Tell me by eatrunlivehappy I got some blood tests done to make sure my rash isn’t something he said that had a long complicated name. He said if it’s a virus then that’s no big deal because the baby’s ... Read on »