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More on Trauma and Eating Disorders by WeAreTheRealDeal We have long known that a correlation between trauma and eating disorders exists, and now the picture is becoming clearer and clearer according to “The Power of Treating Eat ... Read on »
Femininity and sexism by WeAreTheRealDeal Why are qualities that are considered stereotypically feminine so often dismissed with negativity? Why is it that crying is weak, and why is it that even now a woman is ofte ... Read on »
Happy Bookiversary and Another Book Giveaway! by drstaceyny .. Doctor of Philosophy In honor of the one-year anniversary of the publication of Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? Challenging Our Nation's Fixation with Food and Weight, I'm hosting anot ... Read on »
What If You Were Friends with Ingrid Nilsen or Caitlyn Jenner? by WeAreTheRealDeal This week I’m so inspired by Ingrid Nilsen. She shared a video about her coming out journey that is really sweet and beautiful. Nilsen courageously wore her heart on her sle ... Read on »
Diabulimia: Learning More about your Teen and their Type-1 Diabetes Diagnosis by WeAreTheRealDeal Graciously reposted from Diabulimia is an unofficial term, used by both the American Diabetes Association and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundati ... Read on »
Caitlyn Jenner’s still Ideal Beauty Image by WeAreTheRealDeal Before you tell me how to do it better, before you lay out your big plans for changing, fixing, and improving me, before you teach me how to pick myself up and dust myself o ... Read on »
Responding to Fat Shaming by WeAreTheRealDeal The subject of being bullied, teased or shamed in childhood for being fat comes up often on my Food and Feelings message board and in talking with clients. If you have let t ... Read on »
How Your Dinner Plate Can Affect Your Diet by WeAreTheRealDeal Graciously reposted from Did you know that your dinner plates can actually affect the amount of food you and your children consume? As a mom and diet ... Read on »
A Love Letter to My Patients in Early Recovery from Anorexia by drstaceyny .. Doctor of Philosophy You recently accused me of wanting you to be fat. Here's what I've been thinking. . . . Long after we part ways, I'll remember the sound of your voice, the tender and emotio ... Read on »