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Zhou Yi-Miao confided rush into battle to win the secret to success, said the 2010 goal rounded out of Top100

Posted Jan 02 2013 6:53am
A sister of former world Jankovic suddenly from the race, so qualifying defeat florets Zhou Yi-Miao be able to show up again. Albeit hurry appearance, but Zhou Yi-Miao or have confidence in an excellent performance ranked beyond their own individual American rookie Peigu La 6-4/6-2 beat. Following your game Zhou Yi-Miao bluntly win lucky GERVINHO HOME YOUTH JERSEY, but will also need drained away tonight Flights to Hobart. The widely favored flowers When talking about himself during the 2013 season, broke into the top players ambition.

In fact, today reached the stadium before, Zhou Yi-Miao not know itself being lucky loser, get the opportunity to debut race. I know the competition after, I became back in the accommodation and carry the jersey. When I went back in to the stadium to heat up, the very first game of the center court has achieved a left with the time I'm certainly willing to haven't much. Zhou Yi-Miao continued an evalutaion game Road, start after my performance is absolutely not pretty decent ball pumping speed of your opponent I formed repression, but over a duration of serious amounts of Kimiko played three games, so players about this style to evolve. After adjustment with the outcome I'm very satisfied.

Zhou Yi-Miao Pei Gula first set contest and ultimately evolved into society War thrilling break. However, grabbed your initial set victory, serve control Zhou Yi Miao field advantage, slightly more obvious the 2nd set to strengthen. The female athletes than male athletes, a smaller advantage to the tee. And then we ought of do well within their control link. Weeks the Yi Miao continue added, Today, I serve the performance isn't really good, extra mistakes. Opponent's serve is actually wonderful, but maybe since i was the lucky loser relationship after her opening is probably a too confident, then Some expect 2012-2013 REAL MADRID HOME WOMEN'S JERSEY to experience so competent so we could eventually win this game.

WTA-level tournament victory on the first day of 2013, Zhou Yi Miao looks really quite pleased. Can win and really feel very lucky. For 2013, i can constantly improve themselves, to increase potency and efficacy. Zhou Yi-Miao Enthusiastic about 2012 said, After all, to further improve the potency of the rankings and results will be then several competitions at the beginning of all seasons, Pertaining to for the excellent performance due to this year's target is always to enter in the top 100. Zhou Yi-Miao then added: In fact, I booked a ticket to Hobart tonight, but Obviously I can stay here and work to lay an effective today, Ming match.

Shouted the slogan one of several Top100 Zhou Yi-Miao comprehensive preparation directly into the WTA ranks well. In previous times, in fact, Furthermore, i participated in the WTA a better standard of the action, but is engaged in holding the mentality, in lieu of to go with the theifs to the contest. Retrospect now, it's not necessarily right. Zhou Yi Miao said finally, I think could be aided by the after vocational education the result of deficiency of my recovery from injury historically year in the new teacher has had me a wide range of new stuff, which includes the training and psychological and their mind is already fully mature wishes to use their unique strength, with WTA players compete. It is composed by ballersevenyc 01.02.2013
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