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Your voice—your true voice—is always genuinely compassionate and kind.

Posted Jul 28 2011 12:09pm

We already have the full expression of self-compassion within us.

Compassion itself is synonymous with love. We can demonstrate compassion so easily towards our pets, our children, our loved ones.

We can feel compassion spontaneously welling up within us when we read about disastrous events in the paper or see human suffering on television.

We do not need to "learn" this skill.

We simply need to use it.

If we can extend compassion towards even a single other, for even a single moment, then this is all the proof we need that we have limitless capacity to extend the same towards ourselves.

We cannot give to others what we have not first - at least for a microsecond's worth of time - already offered to ourselves.

It is time to stop being so afraid of self-compassion.

It is time to stop withholding compassion, like it is a gold star to be earned instead of a human right that no one can ever strip away from us.

It is time to give more compassion, not less, in every interaction, every situation, and every relationship, including our relationship with ourselves.

If Ed makes life feel like it is over, self-compassion makes life feel like it is just beginning again.

And self-compassion is like kryptonite to Ed. He doesn't understand it. He has nothing to counteract it with.

And he cannot protect himself from how good and right it feels.

So in the face of self-compassion, Ed's only remaining alternative is to FLEE.

What can you do - starting right at this very moment - to offer yourself even just a tiny bit more self-compassion than you have offered yourself before? What can you do to build up your self-compassion muscles, and send Ed running for the hills?
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