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You Were Born to Be You

Posted Mar 29 2013 1:10pm

This month's edition of " Good News for Eating Disorders Recovery " has arrived. I hope you enjoy our inspiring message!

"You Were Born to Be You"

Each month I wait for new lessons.

And each month I get the same lessons again.

This (I assume) is because a) these are difficult lessons, b) I really need to learn them, c) I really want to learn them, d) I have built an encouraging and honest support circle who keeps reminding me I CAN learn them.

For example: this past month, many friends have reminded me yet again that I need to resist the temptation to compare. I am me. There is no one to compare 'me' to.

I know this of course. Unfortunately, the 'knowing' part isn't where I seem to run into trouble.

It is in the doing - being - becoming - evolving - unfolding - opening up - having those necessary self heart-to-hearts - practicing patience - and discipline - and faith - and more patience - and more discipline - and more faith....

In this, I have come to believe that "being me" is (oddly) a skill I can and must learn as well as an innate gift that comes pre-installed in each of us.

For instance, I must learn to discern the difference between "being me" and comparing (aka attempting to be someone else). Then I must practice what I have learned, over and over, so this learned discernment knows it is welcome to guide and direct me as needed.

I must also really want to be me - this is the only way I will find the perseverance to practice how until I learn it well.

Finally, I must believe in the wisdom of being me - after all, I'm already here, no one else is doing it, it just makes sense - and I'm the absolute right fit for the job.

So are you.

There are many things in this life you will want and need to learn how to do. Some will be easy. Some won't. But being you - which is the least easy (of course) and at the same time the most important of all of these things - is also the one job you were quite literally born to do.

I was born to be me.

You were born to be you.

And we will learn how as we learn everything in life worth learning and sharing...


With great respect and love,


p.s. For the full March edition of "Good News", click HERE

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