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You know this voice… It’s the vo...

Posted Sep 12 2008 9:39am

You know this voice…

It’s the voice inside your head telling you that you aren’t strong enough to stop binge eating.

It’s the voice that wants you to fail instead of succeeding with ending all struggles from binge eating disorder.

It’s the voice that you so desperately want to go away.

It’s the voice of defeat… and it seems like it’s constantly in your head.

I remember hearing this “voice” a lot when I was binge eating. It seems like my day could get off to a good start. I ate a good breakfast and lunch, but on my way home I would gravitate to Taco Bell. Deep inside I didn’t want to eat Taco Bell. I wanted to go home and stick to my planned dinner… But no, the voice felt much stronger. It woldn’t go away and I felt completely hopeless next to it. How was I going to end binge eating disorder with these thoughts?

I remember asking my therapist when this would go away and when I would feel stronger over the thoughts in my head. She said “in time”. Those words weren’t exactly good enough for me… How would I know that the thoughts of binge eating would go away? What does “in time” even mean? I tried to not think so much about this and I took binge eating one day at a time. After about 6 months I remember getting through the whole day and it being successful. No bad thoughts in my head that were directed to binge eating. It seemed that I had won that day and it felt good. I felt like I beat the binge eating monster for that day.

Now I get questions from people asking when they will be able to beat the binge eating thoughts in their own heads… I tell them “in time”. While it’s impossible to give a timeframe, I provide them comfort in these words by sharing my story. I did it and they can too… just in time.

Don’t rush what will inevitably happen in your life. Focus on each day and think about how you can make that day worthwhile without binge eating. Direct your attention to beating the binge eating thoughts for that day. In time, you will see that you are stronger and stronger. Pretty soon you will realize that it’s not such a constant effort to get the bad binge eating thoughts to go away. It will get easier and you will overcome the voices/thoughts of binge eating disorder. Just give yourself time.

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