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WWJIJD to your self esteem?

Posted Jul 13 2012 2:50pm
I'm struggling with my skin color today.
I know it's the Daily Fail but still

saps my will to live. 

Really, folks? Seeing people that are thinner, stronger, taller, better looking... this causes people to lose their minds? Right.

Unrealistic plasticity
"What would GI Joe do" to your self-esteem, I wonder.

unrealistic celestiality - children may dream of flying
Oh, dear. Now I feel bad about my hair.
Let's have a reality check: do children live at this absurd a level of mental fragility? Society values and rewards any number of qualities but we don't go mad from the want of the them. We don't get mental illness from exposure to unrealistic images or ideas; our mental illnesses use unrealistic standards to make us ill.

Eating disorders are deadly serious. Let's not trivialize them with specious connections that make no sense. We need to call B*&^s(*t on this crap.

** Oh, and this goes for Size Zero models and Barbies, too.
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