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Would you be able to recommend a residential treatment facility for food addiction and the underlying issues of depression and a

Posted by Caren

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Residential treatment programs can be super helpful. They are one of a variety of options for getting help. Whether to go to a residential program is a decision that should be made carefully and thoughtfully (in any emergency situation, someone should always go to a medical emergency facility- residential treatment programs generally require that people be medically stable before coming to them, so they aren't an option for emergency situations). There are some things you should consider in making this decision, like: how severe are your symptoms/behaviors? have you tried other kinds of treatment (therapy, seeing a doctor and dietitian, being in a group for food addiction)? to what extent is the addiction affecting or interfering with your life? would removing yourself from your daily life/routine at this point be helpful (residential programs obviously involve you living there! so you'd be away from your regular life for that period of time)? are your symptoms and/or behaviors unable to be contained without 24/7 support from treatment providers? These are just examples of questions you can ask yourself. You can also call residential programs and ask them questions- they are always happy and able to help you sort this all out. Another option is to consult with a therapist who knows about these programs, and you and that person can sort out what the best options are for you.

I think residential treatment centers are wonderful ways to re-learn a healthy lifestyle, but unfortunately, many are not included in insurance plans.  I use a great website  when searching for any type treatment facilities or outpatient services.  It includes contact informations and individual websites to get additional information and it might be a good starting point for you to explore your options.  Good luck!

What is the name of the website? is for eating disorders. For broader searches of addiction treatment options, try,,,,,,  and if you happen to be in Santa Fe, NM, you should definitely check out!
I should have added that in my opinion, addiction is a condition of some proportion of people, and is not usually related to the thing or activity to which one is addicted. So if any treatment center focuses only on the activity and not the person, you should probably look elsewhere, or at least ask probing questions. 
Most of the people choose Residential treatment programs because they don't have so much time to get involved in rehab center for their addiction treatment. It is very essential for those people who are employed and cannot take a leave from work, are full time students or have children at home. It is the only way to recover yourself from addiction treatment at ease with full of support and guidance from professionals.
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