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Worn Workout

Posted Feb 19 2014 3:31pm

Okay this workout is specially for Fawn but anyone who needs a little lifting up will benefit!

Go to YouTube or iTunes and download Tenth Avenue North’s song Worn. Ready? The workout goes along with the song.

Seconds 0-40 : Bicycles

Seconds 40-52: Full body crunches

Seconds 53-58: leg lifts

Seconds 59-1.05: crunches

Seconds 1:06- 1.35: Bicycles

Seconds 1.26-1:40: Full body crunches

Seconds 1:40-1:45 Stand up!

Seconds 1:46-2:00: Squats

Seconds 2:00-2:13 : Russian Twist

Seconds 2:14- 2:48 Alternating Lunges

Seconds 2:49- 3:10: Squats

Seconds 3:11- 3:30 Front Punches!

Seconds 3:31- 4:00 Uppercut Punches!

Seconds 4:01-4:10 Deep Breathing.


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