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Posted Mar 22 2011 2:51pm
Courtney, you added a totally important piece to Scrupulously Honest (SH, as Shells has now dubbed it!). You told us you are wondering about what kind pain your calves are in. You aren't quite sure what to make of the pain yet- you have a guess: that it's soreness from exercise, but the pain is lasting awhile longer than you would have expected so now you're thinking you may need to revise your previous assessment. Letting ourselves wonder is a crucial step in being scrupulously honest and in figuring out what's real and what we want/need to do about it. The act of wondering allows us to be open to myriad possibilities that may exist. Wondering can be the antithesis of being perfectionistic because wondering is flexible instead of "having to know everything every single second" (which we all recognize as that perfectionistic thought process and which is not AT ALL flexible). Wondering allows us to sift through the available information/data and have a look at what actually IS (as opposed to what we "think it should be" or what we "wish it could be"). Because wondering let's us peruse the data with a more open mind we eventually can make better informed choices about what we want or need to do. And you know I like that- because it gives you power in your life. And we've pretty well established I'm all for you guys having power in your lives!! So, Courtney, wonder away! Keep wondering and wondering and investigating the pain in your legs. And we'll all hope it's simply soreness from exercize. But if it's something more, you'll spot that in your wondering (and being SH with yourself about what your wondering shows you) and then you can take care of whatever those legs of yours need!
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