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WIAW Contorting and a Surprise

Posted Jul 17 2013 6:30am
I’m just going to jump right in to WIAW.   Since I plan on showing and telling you guys about all of my meals up until the full marathon (and since I love food it’s safe to say it won’t end after that) I want to take WIAW’s to talk about my feelings with food.  Loyal readers know that I’ve come a long way with my eating.  I have a great relationship with food now about 95% of the time.  The other 5% involves me throwing tantrums because I’m hungry and want to eat everything in site.

For breakfast I had some lovely eggs with a side of blueberries.  I didn’t want you to look at me like you did yesterday when I put them IN my eggs so I left them on the side.  The things I do to fit in.

I’ve been on an egg kick lately but I really think I may go back to my oatmeal soon. 

Then I went to the gym.  Came home and was starving but wanted to wait until Scarlet took a nap.  So I was forced to clean the house and do grown up things like dishes and laundry. 

Why do children like trying to contort themselves into the smallest things they can find? Okay I’m not going to lie, she learned that from me. P.S. We’ve been searching and no one has found that child’s pants yet.

Finally when lunch time came around I was a bit cranky and ready to demolish a ginormous bowl of vegetables and meat. When I opened the refrigerator I got the best surprise I’ve ever gotten in my life! (Yes, I exaggerate) Not only did I find an avocado rolling around the very back of the fridge but I found a half a jar of Jalapenos! I squealed with happiness.

I took this picture later on because when it happened I was back in pajamas with no makeup and wet hair.  I spend 80% of the day like that. Plus after I squealed I had to console Braiden because I scared the poor little fella.

In this mixing bowl I have lettuce, cucumbers, the avocado I found, a turkey burger, the entire contents of what was in the jalapeno jar, and some chicken.  I topped it with yogurt Caesar.  So much better than balsamic. I ate every last bit and my stomach was happy.

For a snack I had a spoon full or two of almond butter.  I really like opening the refrigerator and grabbing a spoonful whenever I feel like it.  Don’t worry, I don’t double dip. I probably should to keep me from having to do dishes 100 times a day, all of which are spoons.

I had to make dinner before I left for work.  Today it was a stir fry with left over egg plant, onions, bell peppers and shrimp cooked with some rice vinegar, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes.


That was WIAW (but actually on Tuesday)  I feel good with how I’ve been eating the last 3 days.  I haven’t craved sugar and really enjoy my huge salads and sautéed vegetables.  I am however, really looking forward to the treat Josh and I are planning to get and eat after our long run Saturday. Hint… It starts with a Ge and ends with a lato.  Moderation people… I’m learning.

Workout: So yesterday I woke up super sore from my double workout yesterday.  I honestly didn’t want to run.  I decided to go early to the gym so I couldn’t talk myself out of it.

I was dreading it every step of the way.  I gave myself a big ol pep talk before we walked in the door.  I felt a lot better.  I dropped off the kids and felt even better.  My run however, was not the best ever.  I did two mile warm up at a 10 minute pace (I really don’t like going that slow anymore) on a 1% incline.  Then I did 3 more miles at a 9:20 pace at a 1% incline with the last half the incline was increased as high as it would go.  I felt miserable during the run but after, I felt great.  Funny how that happens right? Ahh endorphins, I love you so. (Josh don’t get jealous. I promise it’s a friend kind of love.) 

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

I really do need friends though. (Josh tells me this all the time.) So please talk to me! I will send you gelato if you do. 

Do you like spicy food?  (Obviously)

How do you motivate yourself when you don’t want to workout?

(I read runners world or hungry runner girls blog then give myself a pep talk)

Are you flexable?

I used to be back in the day but now I have a hard time touching my toes.

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