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WIAW Celebrating My Weaknesses

Posted Jul 10 2013 8:44am
Well Hey There! It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for WIAW.


To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say on today’s WIAW.  I kind of went through a little bit of a hiccup the last week with my eating.  I told you about how I know diet was a big part of my past struggle with depression.  When I eat too many processed foods I start to feel it.  I will never cut any foods out of my life completely but I do think I’ve taken the “I can eat whatever I want” a little too far.  A lot of it is convenience and some of it is that I love sugar. My goal for August is to find a balance with processed foods.  (New kitchen in August. Whooo Freakin hoo!!!)  For some people balance is a no brainer.  Eat a bowl of cereal and move on.  Yeah…. I’m working on that whole “moving on” thing.

ANYWHO, instead of dwelling on the last week I’m going to, I guess, “celebrate” the convenience foods (my weakness) that I love to eat. (and am working to balance out) Let’s celebrate all the great processed foods that yes… they are processed… but they are all natural non GMO, delicious, without the crapola of artificial anything and preservatives.

Let’s start with the cereal.  Sally’s all natural marshmallow cereal is something I feel okay giving the kids.  They LOVE it and usually eat it as a dessert with no milk after lunch or dinner.  Yes, they still have sugar but there’s nothing artificial in these babies and they are incredibly affordable.  I found them at Wal-Mart for $1 a bag.

Kashi is one of my favorite brands.  Their products are always delicious and easy to find.  I love Flat Outs.  I love wraps, pizza, ect.  The kids love them too. However, be careful with this brand.  The Multi-Grain with Flax are the only kind I’ve found that doesn’t have artificial coloring in them. 

Let’s just face it already… Life would not be the same without chips.  Chips and salsa are a big must in this house and I feel good letting my kids snack on these every once in a while. I’ve learned for myself that buying the small variety bags of Sun Chips help me with portioning. It’s easy to count out a serving of chips for a big bag, yes… but I would just grab a couple extra like it was no big deal until I look down and half the bag was gone. Small bags= perfect for me. The veggie chips were a new find over the weekend.  They are DELICIOSO! 

Other snacks that are great and my kiddos love.  Anna’s products are always a huge hit with the kids.  From their cheesy bunnies to the fruit snacks.  I found this box of mixed chocolate, chocolate chip, and honey bunnies.  They are whole grain and all natural.  Natures Path “pop tarts” are non GMO stamped and organic.  I bought these because my kids were eating pop tarts like crazy.  I tasted these and even I was hooked.  You can really taste the amaziness of real fruit filling. The fruit strips I just found yesterday. They are 100% fruit and I tasted them.. They are great. I still have to sell Braiden on them (he said they don’t look like fruit roll ups) but Scarlet loves them and as soon as Braiden tries them, I’m sure he will too. The fig bars are also a new find.  They are basically the healthiest version fig bars I’ve ever found.  The small packs of nuts are so easy to put in lunches. (Get ready for some awesome school lunches during Braiden’s first year of school!)

So that’s that.  I’m not going to run and hide from my weaknesses anymore.  I’m not going to cut anything out.  I’m going to take control.  I want my family growing up with a healthy relationship with food and teach them that it’s all about balance and feeling great.  With a family filled with runners, we are going to need our energy!

Question: What are your favorite Healthy Brands?




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