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While flipping through one of my...

Posted Sep 11 2008 5:35pm

While flipping through one of my old journals the other day, I came across 2 lists. One list was why I was currently eating - which was none other than just to binge eat. The other list included the reasons why I should be eating instead. I’ll share with you:

My Excuses to (Binge) Eat:

1. To celebrate
2. To make me feel better when I am sad or angry
3. Sheer boredom
4. It’s something to do
5. It’s fun to plan a binge
6. It gives me something to do to take my mind off of the bigger things going on in my life
7. It’s a great distraction
8. To fix my problems (even though it never works)

Reasons Why I Should Be Eating (and not bingeing):

1. To be a healthier person
2. I need food to live
3. When I’m hungry
4. To savor the taste of food
5. To give me proper energy
6. To learn to stop when I feel full
7. To be a healthier person
8. To be a healthier person

Interestingly enough I wrote that journal entry in 2005 and even though I mentioned that I wanted to be a healthier person, I wasn’t sure how to do that. I knew that I needed to stop binge eating disorder and find the proper binge eating treatment, but I was lost. At least I had the healthy view of food somewhere deep down inside of me and finally was able to emerge.

Now if I want to celebrate, I do something nice for myself.

If I am sad or angry, I talk about it or take a nice warm bath.

If I am bored, I read a book or go for a walk.

When big things are happening in my life, I take time for myself so that I am not overwhelmed.

And finally, now if I have problems that need to be fixed, I handle them in the right way and do not turn to binge eating. Ever.

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