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When you suffer from Binge Eatin...

Posted Sep 12 2008 2:16pm

When you suffer from Binge Eating Disorder, you are in constant need of different ideas to help you overcome your food addiction. Times get tough and sometimes doing the same thing over and over doesn’t work like it used to. I struggled with Binge Eating Disorder for over eight years. Eight years of my life that was spent thinking about my next binge. Eight years of my life that took away from the person that I really was. Eight years that stole my personality away from me. Eight years of being absolutely miserable and hating myself. Eight years too long to deal with Binge Eating Disorder and not having overcome my food addiction.

Throughout my battle with trying to overcome my food addiction, I discovered some tricks that really helped me stay on track. I truly believe that practicing these tricks will help you to curb an upcoming binge and bring you that much closer to living your life binge-free by overcoming food addiction! Say goodbye to Binge Eating Disorder and get ready to overcome your food addiction!

First of all, do not focus on any sort of dieting. I believe that the cycle of dieting, which includes depriving yourself of certain foods will only cause you to binge on those foods, thus perpetuating the binge cycle over and over. Focus on healing yourself and forming a healthy relationship with food.

While I had Binge Eating Disorder, I tried to think about how certain foods would nourish me. I knew that healthier foods would benefit me more than eating junk (binge food). I started to implement thinking about the balance of eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and protein in every meal.

When I go out to dinner or if I eat at home, I make sure to eat a dinner salad before my meal. I would much rather get full on spinach lettuce and vegetables, if it meant that it would help curb any hunger that could lead me to binge.

When I suffered from Binge Eating Disorder, I hardly exercised. Eventually I started to put into practice small things that would provide some kind of exercise for me like parking far away from where I was going instead of trying to find an upfront spot. At least a further walk in a parking lot will count for something!

I learned this next trick from a forum that I regularly visit online. One of the things that I binged on very regularly was chips. It was almost like I had a food addiction to chips. I learned to visualize the ingredients that make up the food that you want. Whenever I wanted chips, I would think about the ingredients that went in to making chips: partially hydrogenated soybean oil, a ton of salt, and potatoes that were probably covered in dirt. Suddenly, not so appealing.

I never kept the foods that I binged on in the house. It’s impossible to eat a binge food when it’s not there.

When Binge Eating Disorder was part of my life, I did not eat breakfast on a regular basis. When I started eating breakfast every single day, no matter what the day’s activities were, it helped jumpstart my day and curb my binges so that I wasn’t ravenous by lunchtime.

I always kept healthy snacks in my purse when I wasn’t at home. This helped me to continue my regular snacking without having to find food while I was out.

If I had a craving for an unhealthy binge type of food, I would make a healthier version of it at home.

I learned to never buy a binge food in a big quantity.

Finally, something that really helped me curb binges was to create a routine of eating that I could stick. This meant that I ate breakfast, sometimes a mid-morning snack, lunch, a mid-afternoon snack, dinner, and sometimes a snack after that. When I ate every few hours instead of just when I felt hungry, my body felt full and I didn’t binge as much.

I hope that some of these tricks prove to be helpful to help you overcome your food addiction and end Binge Eating Disorder.

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