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When we keep company with other heroes, we become a hero as well

Posted May 09 2011 9:36am

Thinking of ourselves as a hero is innate.

It is not a learned trait.

We do not learn how to look up to ourselves, to admire ourselves, to believe in ourselves, to want and seek out the best for ourselves.

We un-learn how to do this.

Ed is our principle guide as we un-learn how to love ourselves. He is our mentor, our teacher, our constant companion.

He knows we have to work twice as hard when we are going against our own grain, which is to survive, and evolve to thrive.

This is why he tries to make sure he never leaves us alone for a second, fearing that if he does, we might revert to our natural inclination to love ourselves, to care for ourselves, to nurture ourselves, to be our own best friend.

If we want to re-learn what we have always known, if we have had enough of forgetting and want to remember now, we have to be mindful of who we hang out with.

Do we hang out with Ed, and those who still look primarily to Ed for guidance and instruction?

Or do we seek out those who are in the process of remembering that they are heroes in their own lives?

There are no right or wrong answers. There are only your answers. And the choices that your own answers help you to make.

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