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What is The Medical Cause of Constipation?

Posted Oct 15 2013 11:04pm



 While this is not true for everyone with hyperthyroidism, some people with this condition develop constipation and this is because when someone has an underactive thyroid gland, it messes up their metabolic rate and it extends to the digestive system’s ability to release wastes from the body.

Pain Medications

 Certain pain medications may cause constipation and if you only have chronic constipation  after taking this medicine, you should take a break from them and look for alternative ways to relieve the pain in your body/ For example, relaxing from the stresses of the day and drinking green tea is a good way to decrease pain.

Excess Consumption of Dairy Products

 When you eat too many dairy products, your digestion is slower than normal and the result is constipation. Instead of eating dairy foods every day, you should eat dairy foods every few days or even every few weeks if the constipation is chronic.


 This is one of the main reasons for constipation and if you are one who drinks a lot of sodas, tea or coffee, this causes dehydration and constipation. The solution is to drink eight glasses of water a day so that your body will not experience constipation.

High Blood Pressure Medication

 One of the side effects of high blood pressure medicines is constipation and since you need the medication, you can talk with your doctor to slightly lower the dosage of the medicines to curb constipatiion while taking them. You should alao take the medicine with tall glasses of water to stay hydrated.

Not Taking Bowel Movements When Needed

 Those who delay bowel movements when they should use the restroom right away put themselves at risk of developing constipation. They should take bowel movements as soon as they sense the need to do so to avoid digestive problems later.

Lack of Fiber in Diet

 Your digestive system needs daily intake of fiber but when there is not enough fiber, your bowels stiffen and it is difficult to release them from the body. Start by eating berries and leafy green salad since these foods are high in fiber. Other fiber-rich foods include beans, broccoli, whole grains and citrus fruits.

Not Enough Exercise

 Many people live a sedentary lifestyle but if you are not getting adequate physical activity during the week, you increase chances of getting constipated. Get in at least twenty minutes to an hour of physical exercise a day to keep the bowels regular as often as possible.


 Constipation is frustrating but now that you know the causes of it, you can take steps to prevent and treat it. You should research the condition by reading health articles and meet with your doctor regularly, especially if you have a history of digestive disorders in the family. Avoid very rich meals during dinnertime because sometimes it causes constipation. Another thing you should do is cleanse your colon with a colon cleanse medicine once or twice a year.

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