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What I Learned The Week The Music Played

Posted Mar 04 2010 10:09pm
  • If I am doing 8 things at once, I will get nothing done.
  • Urges lessen over time if you don’t give into them .
  • When someone tells you that you are incapable of something, you have the choice to either prove them right or prove them wrong.
  • Getting your email account hacked into means that your inbox will be spammed by zillions of offers of great deals on tuition fees/Viagra/insurance. Totally legit, I’m sure ;)
  • There is no smooth way to transition a post from heavy emotional stuff to the awesome snack you just ate.

Picture or Video 939 Lara Oatcakes

  • There is a fine line between a reason and an excuse.
  • Nothing makes me feel more like a child than wiggling my arms to get out of my coat sleeves.
  • There is a song for every thought, feeling and occasion .
  • If it wasn’t for Twitter trending topics and blogs, I would be very out-of-the-loop when it comes to current affairs.
  • The ONLY way to conquer a fear is to face it head-on.
  • Time starts to speed up as you get older (it’s MARCH!)
  • No matter how alone you feel, there is always somebody out there who is going through/has been through the exact same thing.



Product Review

I received some coconut milk from Kara to sample.

Picture or Video 1024

From the website:

Made with freshly pressed coconut milk and with total fat and calcium levels matched to semi-skimmed milk, it’s not surprising to discover just how much like milk Kara Original + Calcium tastes.

Ideal for: breakfast cereals, tea or coffee, sweet or savoury cooking , on its own as a refreshing cold drink – 250ml provides 37.5% of the RDA of calcium.

Sounds good, right? I rely on dairy products a lot for protein though and this is lacking in that department. Other than that, it has a great nutritional profile. I soaked 1.5 portions of [me] and Goji cereal in 1/2 cup milk overnight (you can read the review and ingredients of my cereal mix here ), and added some sliced banana this morning.

Picture or Video 1028

Verdict: It didn’t taste anywhere near as ‘coconutty’ as I was hoping for, and the texture is far from the creaminess I like with milk. But, it tasted good and was really refreshing. I thought it might be too sweet (I like flavoured milk, but not sweetened) but it was perfect for cereal. I tried it in a cup of tea and the fruit sweetener gave it an odd taste, but as a cereal mix-in, was delish :)


I am looking forward to using it for some more creations, and I am going to hunt down the coconut spread that they make (after months of seeing other bloggers eating delicious creations with Artisana Coconut Butter !)


  1. What is your favourite coconut flavoured food/drink? Nothing beats fresh coconut water and pulp straight out of the shell, in my opinion. Though I also love pineapple coconut muffins.
  2. What song is in your head right now? No Air (the Glee version) has been in my head for days!

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