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What I Ate Wednesday NYC Food and Wine Festival Edition

Posted Oct 05 2011 7:46am

Can you believe it is Wednesday already?!

Ok I take that back. This week is going incredibly slow because my fellow CLIIP instructor has been out the past two days, leaving me with a room full of kids, most of which refuse to do any school work.

I actually resorted to showing the film, The Outsiders, yesterday in hopes of getting them to relate to something, and spark a discussion that was relevant to their lives. I’ll let you know how that goes today as we finish up! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

But anyway, Wednesday is a pretty awesome day of the week because Jen initiated a way for all of us in the blog world to be even more connected than normal. Check out her site and all the other amazing writers who display their yummy meal plans for all to see and enjoy!

Now before you read the following, please know that the opinions expressed in this very special edition of What I Ate Wednesday are completely my own. There were hundreds of products featured at the NYC Food and Wine Festival, some of which I did not care for, and a few that I absolutely LOVED. I wanted to share with you my favorites and hopefully pass on some new eats for you to be inspired to try or incorporate into your menus!

Happy Eating! and Happy Reading!

Five Fabulous New Food Finds!

1. Biscoff Cookies and Spread

Biscoff cookies, and recently the spread, have been all over the blog world, with rave reviews, but I myself had NEVER tried these tasty treats.

Well, saying they are tasty is an understatement.

Holy shmoly the cookies are like heaven.

I personally need to end my meal with something sweet. Perhaps this started in the hospital when they required a silly challenge carb with every meal, but my palette feels most satisfied when it has a good combination of textures and flavors for meals and snacks; sweet, salty, crunchy, warm…I like to have it all.

Since these delectable cookies offer crunch and sweet components, pairing them with some vanilla yogurt for a bit of dipping, and a warm cup of tea, my stomach was fabulously delighted. Thank gosh I have an entire sleeve of these babies to last me for a little while (or, um, maybe the week?!) because they have been my favorite way to end a meal.

No wonder they are Europe’s favorite cookie!

The spread is pretty darn good as well. Sunday morning after Food and Wine, my mom and I headed to the club level for a free breakfast (yes, its good to have a momma with Starwood points :-) ) And despite the fact that I did have a well-rounded day of food on Saturday, by 7:30 a.m. the following day, I was ready to eat.

I was thoroughly impressed with the continental spread, because it not only contained a wide variety of fresh fruits, cereal, yogurt, milks, juices, coffee and other cold selections, it also had a bakery assortment of sweet breads, crusty loaves (MY FAVE!) eggs, potatoes, and breakfast meats.

Since I was dying to dig into my Biscoff spread, I was pleasantly surprised that they had nice sliced oat-y bread to toast up as a conduit for my swag bag treasure.

Oh wow…definitely sweeter than a nut butter, and less filling since I was hungry like, 2 hours later, but this spread is worth a purchase. It would be great on some French Toast because of the hint of vanilla-cinnamon and an awesome snack pairing for some grahams.

Thank goodness I have a few extra portable packs to stick in my lunch, because I have a feeling that might be a nice addition to Tina’s famous cookie Friday!

2. Clif Mini White Chocolate Macadamia Nut and Clif Mojo S’mores Bar

Clif Bars, and especially Clif Mojo’s, are nothing new to me. I shared the fact that I am pretty much addicted and have at least one a day, so I was THRILLED when I stopped at Whole Foods on my way home from New Jersey, and they had these:

Granted the S’mores Mojo is the only one that is actually a NEW flavor, none of these varieties are carried in my store, and I have NEVER seen this box of minis before. White Chocolate Macadamia nut is my absolute favorite; of any type of bar, so having a half-size bar was incredible!!!

You see, I tend to eat an entire WCMN Clif Bar , regardless of my huger state, whenever I open the package because to me they are just amazing, but the smaller version will be perfect for meal cap, or afternoon pick-me-up. I seriously felt like it was my lucky day!

And then for night snack on Sunday I dove into the S’more Mojo. Dare I say that my favorite flavor may have changed….

I can’t tell for sure…I need a good week of taste tests and unfortunately I only bought two, but oh my gosh the S’mores bar knocked my socks off. Just writing about it is making my mouth water…thankfully I saved my last one for a very special day….a What I Ate Wednesday, to be exact! :-)

First of all, I don’t typically purchase things like this when I am shopping for groceries.

And second of all, I have never had cheesecake in my life.

But when my mom and Ryan were raving about these gosh darn brownie cheesecake bites, and insisted I try one because they are “only 60 calories, CJ, you can at least have one!” Well then I just had to oblige.

I will tell you what…I was certainly glad I did because these miniature desserts were fantastic!

I tried the caramel variety, because out of the options raspberry and caramel, that just happened to be the one that sounded the most appealing.

I can’t speak for the raspberry since I did not try it, but oh, my, gosh.

Go to the website, get the coupon, and get some of these, pronto! A portion controlled desert that will blow you away, is a sure thing in my cart, any day.

4. Salt of the Earth Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies

What is my favorite combination of flavors ever?! Sweet and salty, of course! So it was no surprise that I instantly fell in love with the treats displayed by NYC’s Salt of the Earth Bakery.

Their philosophy is, everything tastes better with high quality sea salt, and I would have to agree. My mom actually said they provided the best chocolate chip cookie she has ever had in her life!

…That is saying a lot because cookies happen to be her favorite…

The products are available predominantly in NYC, but if you go to their website and send an e-mail, they informed me at the festival they do ship throughout the US.

If you enjoy a nice combination of flavors, mud pies, cookies and chocolate, Salt of the Earth is a company for you. Trust me. Trust me. Trust me.

There were a ton of sweets floating around the Grand Tasting Tent (obviously since everything I have mentioned will totally conquer your worst dessert cravings!) and honestly, this is my biggest fear food group, pretty much ever.

But in the spirit of breaking free from disordered eating, participating in the NYC Food Network Festival was an essential step forward in my recovery.

I was thankful for the fact that everything featured was miniature, or at least a modest portion, that you didn’t have to feel guilty tasting. Melissa Bakes Cupcakes were a perfect example of this.

Look how absolutely adorable these things are!!! And they come in fantastic flavors. I don’t know how well you can read the photographed sign but Peanut Butter Cup, and Peanut Butter and Jelly…yup, they pretty much speak for themselves!

The company already makes a ton of different varieties, but since they ship nationwide, they also offer a service where you can create your own cupcake! Flavors, colors, messages, pretty much anything you can think of, they customize.

So if you are looking for a sweet gift, perhaps you should check out their site…and don’t be skeptical… For being so tiny, they were delectably moist!

Now I am sure you are sick of me going on and on about products I have discovered and become a huge fan of in the past week, but just check out this amazing swag I picked up for attending.

Pretty awesome, right?!

Look for an awesome recipe featuring the new Bertolli vinegars, very soon!

Enjoy your wednesday! Can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s eats!

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