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What Helps?

Posted May 16 2010 12:00am

On Monday, I did a question and answer session with a load of health care professionals based in the East of England. There were (I think) a good mixture of nurses, GPs, psychologists, CAMHS, crisis teams, treatment centre managers…That kind of thing.

Because the week was rapidly sucked into a whirlpool and I have spent most of it trying to catch up with myself, I have only just started to process what we said; and, interestingly – although probably unsurprisingly – the question that arose in each of the groups I talked with was: “what are the things that really helped?”

I have talked, extensively, about what doesn’t help .

I have identified the things that motivated my recovery and started to unpick some of the notions that got me stuck . Have explored sections through to self help – and taken responsibility for my recovery – and focused on the positives, and the positive people , that made a difference along the way –

But I found it really hard to describe the particular things that helped.

So, I talked about taking different bits of help at different times, and learning that things that didn’t help at one stage might still help at another – and vice versa. And, I found myself describing my lovely GP , and the amazing care I received in rehab, and some key messages I’d taken from nutritionists .

And, whilst the complexity of eating disorders was certainly clear, I’m not sure about the extent to which my rambling really helped.

So, because it’s all subjective, and as we know that there’s no quick-fix-solution or silver bullet approach, I thought it would be helpful to open out the question and bring some other people’s ideas in by asking:

What are the things – in terms of types of treatment, and approaches, and qualities – that really helped?

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