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Weigh in Wednesday 3. Bad Week. Bad, Bad Week.

Posted Jan 16 2013 8:08am


I told you guys… bad week.  It all started with one weekend full of crap food.  Josh and both knew after last weekend, we couldn’t do it again.  We were both miserable.  I was dreading this weigh in.  I know I told you I was going to stay positive but remember…. I AM THE MOST EMOTIONAL GIRL IN THE WORLD! So yeah, I cried.  It wasn’t a horrible, end of the world cry. Just a “crap that sucks” cry.  I have many different kinds of crys ya know.

Yesterday I was on the computer for hours reading about diets, nutrition, weight loss, mental health, over eating, cravings, trying to find an answer.

What I’ve decided….

1. To go paleo for a while.  Not strict  but paleo.  Josh loves this diet and is on board with me 100%. As long as I make good tasting paleo food, that is.  for all the information you will ever need on this lifestyle. (We are just doing the eating part of the diet… not the barefoot, squatting stuff ;-)  ) We are allowing some grass-fed dairy. It’s a grey area in the paleo world but I love goat cheese)

2. I will read the book “The Secret.”  Josh has been going on and on and on and on about how I need to read this and implement it into my life.  I always say I’m not negative, I’m realistic.  Maybe he’s on to something.  Anywho, I will finish it this weekend since we are childless.

3. We will have ONE paleo free day a MONTH (but not until February)

4. I will not count a single calorie or fat gram. I will only weigh myself on Wednesday mornings and not worry about what it says.

I’ve been searching for a miracle diet for the last 10 years.  I’ve never been able to stick with one. I’ve also never been able to eat “normally.” With all of the education I have gotten over the last year about food, nutrients, sugar addictions, omega 3 ratios, ect and the support I get from my family maybe this is the answer I’ve been looking for.  I guess we will all just have to wait and see.

Time to go to the store and stock up on some yummy, grain free foods.




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