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Wait For Windfalls

Posted Nov 17 2012 6:38am

During the Warring States Period in China, there lived a farmer in the state of Song who had a tree stump in his field.

One day while working in theugg outletfields, a frightened rabbit suddenly dashed out nowhere and bump into the stump accidentally. As a result, it fell dead with its neck broken.

The farmer happily took the rabbit home and cooked himself a delicious meal. That night lying on his bed, he thought:” Why do I need to work so hard in the field? All I have to do is wait for a rabbit to run into the stump each day.” So from then on he gave up farming, and simply sat by the stump waiting for another rabbit to come and knocked against it.

No more rabbits appeared, however, but he became the laughing-stock of state Song.

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