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using music to practice emotions

Posted Jul 12 2009 10:46pm

 I thought of another way to become more acquainted and comfortable with emotions.

Music has been a part of human existence since practically the beginning of time. Listening to music evokes all kinds of emotional responses in us (in fact, a main reason we are attracted to it as an artform is its ability to do just that).

I was talking to someone the other day, someone who has been afraid of certain emotions for a very long time. We were talking about how to help her practice feeling her feelings, and I was searching around in my brain for ways I could illustrate to her that she's more accustomed to and competent at dealing with emotions than she thinks she is. She happens to love music- listens to it all the time, downloads songs from the internet, burns CDs... you name it, music is a big part of her life. 

I reminded her of how music evokes emotions in her and how she didn't have any difficulty at all experiencing these emotions. And, importantly, since she's fond of a wide range of types of music, she exposes herself to a wide range of emotions getting evoked. 

Being able to illustrate to her (give her evidence) that she's already had quite a bit of practice feeling her feelings was pretty darn helpful. There's nothing like realizing we're already doing something, and succeeding at it and not being harmed by it and it not being as horribly a big deal as we were afraid it would be... to give us confidence to keep going.

Reason number 357 to listen to music...

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