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Posted Aug 12 2014 12:24pm

My heart dropped yesterday when I heard the news about One of my favorite Actors of all time, Robin Williams.


I’ve followed his story as he spoke out about his battle with depression. Life is unpredictable. His quote, “The worst thing in the world isn’t being alone. It’s being around people who make you feel alone,” always resonated in my soul. I understood him. Even though I wasn’t a close friend or had even met the man, when you share the illness that is depression, you understand what others cannot.

As Facebook friend after Facebook friend posted about it, wondering why, I understood. Depression is a terrible, complicated, illness. Often those who suffer have the purest of hearts and want nothing more than to make others happy.

I truly believe that Robin had a wonderful soul and is in a better place right now. His heart is at peace and he will be cracking people up for all eternity.

It’s hard to switch gears after talking about something like that but I’m going to try.

Today is my last day home with the kids before Braiden goes back to school tomorrow. I never dreamt I’d be 26 with a 1st grader. (And an almost 4 years old and one on the way.)
My list of healthy foods I tolerate during this pregnancy seems to be shrinking.


Yogurt (vanilla, I can’t do plain.) Almonds, blueberries, and peaches.

I have that one picture today because today is the day of 45 minutes of driving to get my phone exchanged because of the camera. I’m also going to be on a hunt for an SD card reader since everyone in town is out of them!

Have a great Tuesday!

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