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tying up some loose ends

Posted Jan 13 2010 8:46am

Anything having to do with body size or shape or weight always has the potential to be confusing, complex and provocative. After all, we're dealing with eating disorders and the body is ground zero for all the complicated thoughts, beliefs and emotions that come along with these illnesses.

I'm glad both Courtney and Laura felt comfortable and safe enough on this blog to write exactly what came to them. That says a lot about the quality of community we've developed here, and it says a lot about both of their courage to tell the truth.

I had forgotten that Courtney is our resident "literalist," and suggests that there be two distinct levels for the term fat: the literal one, reflecting someone's objective body size, and the level that's "perception oriented' (meaning someone feels fat when there is an emotional experience happening). Fair enough :)

And Laura, I really hope that no one, when they say "feeling fat is a feeling, not necessarily a fact about your body" is implying that the experience of "feeling fat" is not real. I can say after like 20 years of working with people who suffer from these illnesses, that what people feel when the "feel fat" is very real, very difficult, and very perplexing to them. Feelings are real; there's no doubt about that. AND when someone feels fat, it's important to acknowledge that feeling and continue to ask questions. It's a perfect time for our idea of AND: you can feel fat and at the same time look to see if there is also more to the scene.

Keep up the good work guys. You all rock :)

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