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Turning 40 a la Paris

Posted Oct 18 2008 1:22pm

Since Paris is 7 hours ahead of local Milwaukee time, I realized that I just lost 7 hours off my 39th year. Nothing like jumping into the big FOUR-OH a litle early. Really, I don't mind.

So. Happy Birthday to me! Or, as the Parisians say, Joyeux Anniversaire! It is 12:001 a.m. local time in Paris and that means it's my birthday.

It has been a fantastic week this side of the Altantic. Even the near-missed connection in Heathrow, the taxi collision on the way to the hotel and the 40 hours lost luggage didn't dampen the euphoria of a first-class upgrade on British Airways, a room with a view overlooking the Rue de Rivoli athe Eiffel Tower and the complimentary bottle of wine from the hotel and the gorgeous flowers from WW delivered to my room. And the days of endless walking, beautiful sites, lucious foods, divine wine and the euphoria of being in this city at this moment in my life leaves me nearly speechless.

But a few things for you to ponder...why is it that in Paris that a double espresso is cheaper at a Starbucks than at a cafe? And why don't we have sex shops next to the SBUX in the states? How come Parisians are so polite...yet the image of them we have stateside borders on snobbish? Why didn't I take French in high school? And how come macaroons don't make me dump? (Thank god for small favors.)

So back to my birthday plans. Petit de jeneur at Cafe Marly at the Louvre, then a tour through the museum. Late afternoon at l'Orangerie with a viewing of Monet's Water Lilies. Dinner at Gourmand. Fireworks from my hotel room window. I couldn't ask for anything more. If this is what 0 is like, I can only imagine how great 50 will be!

Bon Jour!

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