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Posted May 08 2010 11:56am

Oh, transitions... they seem like such an innocuous idea...

If you think about them literally, they're simply the period between two things. 

But what's the big deal about transitions is the adjustment we're forced to make during that period between two things/events/states/phases (you get the idea:) I find it super helpful to remember that an adjustment occurs no matter what- doesn't matter if we wanted the transition, if we didn't, if we're excited, if we're mad we have to transition... we're stuck with an adjustment no matter what.

Of course, we may be a bit happier about dealing with the transition if it's our choice and if we're the ones that have chosen to make the change. But even then the transition can be quite a challenge.

It's not such a surprise when we think of what's involved in transitions. I mean, we're faced with that favorite thing: the unknown and everything that goes along with it. We're faced with not being sure every second what's going to happen. We have to acknowledge we don't know exactly what to do or how to control every single thing.

No wonder people, especially sufferers from eating disorders hate transitions!

Congratulations to Ann for completing a master's degree. That's way cool. And, because Ann completed this project, she's put herself into a transition. It's a normal transition, one that occurs for everyone who completes a project. And it opens the door for fulfilling opportunities and lots of fun and excitement. AND, the period between graduating and accepting one of these jobs that looks like it's going to materialize for you Ann, is still filled with change.

It's important to take extra good care of ourselves during transitions. We need to be extra careful about staying aware, not tripping over things, not running into a telephone pole on our bike, not pouring bleach into the washer when we're washing our favorite black shirt... Accidents of all kinds often happen when we're in transition periods. That's because people tend to be more stressed and preoccupied and tired, and so they aren't paying as much attention to what they're doing.

And for people who suffer from eating disorders taking extra good care of yourselves means making sure you eat decently, not let yourselves "forget" about nutrition and sleep and rest and all those important things that help you stay healthy. Transitions are typical times when ED symptoms/behaviors/thoughts become more frequent and/or "appealing" or compelling. That shouldn't surprise us because we know the ED is there trying to help us with stress and coping.

One of the most important things in a transition is to be honest about your thoughts and feeling about the transition. Sometimes we feel like we "shouldn't be feeling" something about a transition, or that because we ourselves have chosen the events surrounding the transition that we "should only feel happy" or that we "weak" or "stupid" or "immature" if we have conflicting emotions regarding the transition.

As usual, scrupulously honest is the optimal way to go :) 
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