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Posted Nov 01 2011 10:53pm
  • I just joined WEGO yesterday and i find it all very interesting. I have a few issues, but the issue i am going to speak about this past month is FOOD ADDICTION. I have been dealing with food addiction for a great many years. I feel that my food addiction issues were rooted in my childhood. It seemed that I never got enough food. I loved sugar, but I never seemed to get enough of it. It was dolled out to us kids so we really craved to have more each time we were given the white addictive stuff. I was physically of normal weight through out most of my childhood. Actually I was quite thin. As an adult, I started to put on weight during different time up till i was in my late 40's. I did many diets all through those years. Yoyo dieting was a constant in my life..I felt very helpless and hopeless about my weight issues and I got to the point that i didn't care what i ate, until i realized i needed to make some changes. ............Found recovery in 2002 and lost recovery in 2006..........Last week, after of being a very active in food addiction, I again realized that I had to find recovery.. I have been in recovery for five day...... its a start and a really good start.... i have a blog....about my struggle with food addiction for the past 3 years... the link is as follows: . The title of the blog is A Journey of living with Food Addiction. If you get a chance to read the blog read from the beginning, because it shows my two progress in dealing with food addiction relapse.. The five titles I would use are as follows

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